Meet the Designer

Destin, Florida jewelry designer Renee Launiere, derives her creative inspiration from past memories of childhood summers spent at the beach, vacationing in coastal towns and islands around the world, and of course now, the Emerald Coast, where she currently lives.  Bijoux De Mer, meaning “jewels of the sea” in French, is a fitting name for her fine jewelry line.  Working primarily with pearls, Renee loves to push the boundaries of conventional jewelry design.  Her jewelry can be described as bold and innovative, yet retain timeless elegance for generations to come.  Each piece of jewelry you will find at Bijoux De Mer is designed exclusively by Renee Launiere and hand-crafted by either herself or her in-house team of skilled jewelers.  Renee selects the finest materials for her designs, typically starting with sumptuous cultured Tahitian, South Sea or freshwater pearls and incorporating rare and exotic gemstones set in precious metals.

Renee has dabbled in various artistic mediums her entire life.  Jewelry fabrication and design started off a hobby.  Renee studied metal-smithing at Atlanta’s Spruill Center for the Arts, but is mostly self taught.  She also received her certification in pearl grading from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  In contrast, her professional career was spent in the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, climbing the corporate ladder in sales and marketing.  After 15 years, Renee made the bold move to leave behind the corporate world and fully embrace her creative desires of designing jewelry.  It was a brave move, and the courage of that decision is reflected in her distinctive, bold designs.  

​Bijoux De Mer was launched in 2007; since then, Renee has not looked back! Bijoux De Mer has been available in over 60 fine jewelry stores, galleries, and upscale boutiques within the US and internationally.  Renee also had the opportunity to cruise the world as the guest jewelry designer and showcase her designs on board several luxury cruise lines over the past decade.

In December 2016, the first flagship Bijoux De Mer Fine Jewelry Gallery was opened in Destin, Florida.  Renee offers unique, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry as well as custom design work.   The true beauty of Renee Launiere’s fine jewelry is captured in the quality and creativity of each item that is made with exceptional attention to detail and a great deal of love!

“My goal is to create beautiful, luxurious jewelry that will encourage a woman’s sense of individuality and embrace self expression.”